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Investment Criteria

Slack Water Capital seeks to provide equity gap funding to entrepreneurs, sponsors, or self-funded searchers in control buyouts of small and midsized businesses. We are seeking to invest in businesses and entrepreneurs featuring a combination of the following characteristics:

Building Cleaning Service


  • Mature, stable, and growing industry

  • Relatively simple product or service

  • Low risk of technological obsolescence

  • Demand is not highly impacted by changes in the economy

  • Highly fragmented with opportunities for consolidation

US Flag


  • United States-based headquarters and operations

  • Operating in a state/region with a favorable economic environment

    • Growing population trends

    • Ease of doing business

    • Attractive tax environment

    • Availability of high-quality employees



  • Market leader or pathway market-leadership

  • High level of recurring and/or reoccurring revenue

  • Limited level of project-based or one-time revenue

  • History of growth and profitability

  • Opportunities for growth and/or operational improvement

  • Low level of capital intensity

  • No material customer or supplier concentration

  • Strong management team and no key person risk 

  • EBITDA of approximately $800,000 - $4,000,000

  • Fair purchase price and transaction structure

Confident Businessman

Operating Partner

  • History of academic, professional, and personal achievement

  • Highly motivated, passionate, energetic, persistent, and humble

  • Strong analytical and financial acumen 

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to build rapport with people from diverse backgrounds

  • “All-in” mentality with a significant personal investment and/or personal guarantee of acquisition debt financing

  • Will manage the business full-time as their sole professional focus

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Start a Conversation

We seek to build collaborative relationships with searchers and future operating partners early in the search process. However, we are always open to looking at deals already under a Letter of Intent ("LOI") with entrepreneurs that we don’t have an existing relationship with.

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